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Safeguarding User Identities: A Comprehensive Guide to IAM in 2023

Do you understand the cyber risk context of the people attempting to access your systems?

Most identity and access management (IAM) teams today can’t. 

Without visibility into user risk at the time of authentication, authorization, or access reviews, your chances of letting an adversary in and them achieving persistence dramatically increase.

And when 8% of users are causing 80% of incidents, IAM teams need solutions to safeguard user identities and develop smarter identity and access management.

Our comprehensive guide aims to educate IAM and security professionals on the specific tools and strategies they can use to proactively authenticate and assess the potential risk posed by a user who is trying to access their systems.

In this eBook, we explore:

  • Today's IAM challenges & mistakes to avoid
  • 4 steps to achieve smarter IAM 
  • The future of identity and access management

Get your copy to kickstart your journey toward smarter identity and access management.

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