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Protecting Your Source Code: How to Stop Cybercriminals from Executing Social Engineering Attacks on Developers and Engineers

Up to 90% of malicious data breaches involve social engineering and the average organization is targeted by 700+ social engineering attacks annually. If these attacks allow cybercriminals to gain access to your source code, there’s no telling what hackers won’t do.

Yikes. 🥴

The problem is social engineering attacks on developers and engineers are becoming more sophisticated by the day. And having to protect your source code from your own workers’ unintentional actions only adds fuel to the fire.

➡️According to Elevate Research, there is an upward trend (142%) in attack rates for developers and engineers. To better protect your source code, you must first understand the engineers and developers who access it. It’s time to take a new approach to source code protection.

That’s why we created this eBook, diving into:

  • Today's requirements for effective source code protection
  • Why Adaptive Human Protection is key to protecting your source code
  • The ultimate Adaptive Human Protection tool that identifies and responds proactively to an organization's riskiest users


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Elevate Security is redefining the cybersecurity landscape. Our SaaS platform integrates with leading security technologies to identify users most likely to cause a security breach and automatically orchestrate additional security measures to minimize the likelihood of a future incident.


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"Availability of User Risk Score from Elevate Security has been a game changer for us. Giving our people a more intuitive understanding of potential risks is a great addition to our security culture at a time of rapidly changing cybersecurity threats.”

— Daryl Harding, CISO, GHD

How Proactive Security Works

1. IDENTIFY the highest risk users

2. PROTECT with targeted controls

3. DRIVE reduced incidents



  Increased authentication
  Limit unknown software execution
  Increase email filtering

Why The Elevate Security Platform Is Unique


Access security controls, decision support, and dashboards with deep insights


Leverage security data and insights from your existing tools—with results in minutes


Quickly identify which users and contractors are most likely to cause a breach


Use risk scores, context, and automated policy changes to eliminate workforce risk

The Elevate Security Platform makes it easy to analyze and defend your organization against unintentional insider risk. Use benchmark visibility, targeted security controls, and personalized feedback to focus on risky employees & strengthen your cyber defenses.

Proactively address your insider risk and:

Mine Insights

Mine insights from diverse user data


Predict the source of your next incident

Automate response

Automate response to reduce risk

Monitor and measure
Target risky users
Personalized feedback

Monitor & measure your insider risk over time

Target controls for specific risks & risky employees

Personalize feedback based on individual employee risk

Stop Reacting. Start Preventing.
Get in front of incidents.

All of the information you need to understand and identify your riskiest users already exists in your enterprise. The Elevate Security Platform integrates and ingests this valuable employee security data from all your current cybersecurity tools and systems.

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